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The Villas Of Tamarind HOA
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Of Directors

Ron Hipp

Mort Zevitz
Vice Pres

Bill Morlan   

Susan Lohman

Becky Burchart
Member at Large

Julie Mullins
Member at Large

Marjorie Digiovanni
Member at Large

Sonny Jaben
Member at Large
Lenore Jaben
Member at Large
Welcome to the official Villas of Tamarind Home Owners Association web page. It is
the hope of the Board of Directors that within these pages you will find information on
our community, alerts and bulletins, neighbor to neighbor information sharing, and a
celebration of life here in the Villas. Please feel free to wander around the site, and let
us know how we can improve the information contained within.
Ever wonder who to contact to answer those pressing questions? Maybe this
will help; a list of which HOA board member is assigned to what team.

Lawn and Landscape: Bob Vancrum

Snow removal: Susan Lohman, Mort Zevitz

Painting:  Julie Mullins

Streets and Trash:  Ron Hipp

Fencing, Decks, Satellite Dishes, Roofs:  Bob Vancrum

Communications: Pamela DePalma

Welcome Committee: Margie Digiovanni and Susan Lohman

Social: Becky Burchart, Julie Mullins, Margie Digiovanni, Susan Lohman

Financial Audits, monthly financial statements, reports:
Bill Morlan and Mort Zevitz
Over the past few months, several neighbors have asked, "what does the board of directors for the HOA do?", so here is
the answer. The mandate listed below is from the current edition of the Bylaws and Regulations that can be found on this
website. PLEASE remember, when you call a board member, we are UNPAID volunteers that are just trying to help you
have a great experience. Keep calm, speak civily. We are YOUR neighbors.

(a) To spray, chemically treat, trim and mow (but not to plant, remove, replant, reseed or replace) grass and shrubbery
located on all Lots;

(b) To provide for the collection and disposal of rubbish and garbage for each residence one (1) day per week (which day
shall be the same for all residences);

(c) To provide for the plowing and removal of snow from private streets, drives and sidewalks after any accumulation of
two inches (2") or more or as indicated in the snow removal contract;

(d) To maintain, repair and replace all private streets as and when reasonably necessary and to create and provide a
reserve therefore; and

(e) To repaint all exterior trim of all residences on a periodic scheduled basis, including exterior framework of original
covered porches.

In addition, we have had several neighbors with construction, landscaping, and tree removal projects going on this
season. If you are planning to do any of these, please refer to the Bylaws and Regulations, as most of these projects
require prior notification and approval from the board.
What does the HOA Board of Directors
contribute to the Association and the
To all of our new residents, first, Welcome!!
We remind our newest neighbors of the regulation against parking in the driveways
for an extended period of time. As this is against the regulations, I am posting them
here. However, we are considerate of special needs. If you have a special need that
arises, just call one of the board members. I am sure we can work out a solution.

9.6 Boats and Motor Vehicles

No boat, trailer, bus, motor-home, motorcycle, airplane, pickup truck, truck,
commercial vehicle, full-sized van, large sport utility, camper, or other vehicle shall be
left, parked, maintained, repaired, serviced or stored on any street, driveway, or lot
in the Community except in an enclosed garage. Homeowners or renters shall not
park on the streets of the Community. Local and out of town visitors vehicles may be
parked on the street or on the driveway for reasonable (?) periods as long as there
are no complaints.

Have a great Villas kind of day.